The Stunning Transformation of Melissa McCarthy

Oh, Melissa McCarthy. There’s something special about an actress whose genuine belly laugh is recognizable from a mile away. She won our hearts as Sookie St. James on Gilmore Girls, and she made us pee our pants laughing on Bridesmaids. At this point in her career, Melissa McCarthy is a household name, but she’s also

The Stunning Transformation of Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson may be Pitch Perfect’s scene-stealing Fat Amy to most of the world, but she has been rocking her uniquely infectious Rebeliciousness since way back. She’s as confident as she is funny, as daring as she is down-to-earth, as raucous as she is earnest. And as she deadpans brilliantly with just the slightest flicker

Lisa LaFlamme Parts Ways With CTV: From Danger Zones To A Desk

The distinct “pop” of small arms fire cracked the still air near Kandahar City. But the soldiers didn’t even look up. They dove to the ground, as did CTV reporter Lisa LaFlamme, into a sprawling meadow of poppies that provided scant cover for two dozen Canadians on daylight foot patrol. Crouched beside cameraman Dave Brunet,

Flight Attendant Causes A Scene On Plane After She Does This…

Vanya has been a flight attendant for GoAir Airlines for nine years. Born from a low-income family, Vanya worked hard to achieve the job of her dreams. Her career allowed her to venture out the entire world. As years went by, she started to get bored with it. Being a flight attendant has downsides as

Bride Left At The Altar, Leaves Her fiancé In Tears

It was mere days until Shelby Swink was scheduled to say “I Do” to the man she thought was the love of her life. The couple had been together for three great years and it was at last time to settle down together, at least that was the plan. Then, only 5 days before the

Canada Pushes Forward With Universal Basic Income

A Canadian province has ditched a universal basic income welfare program after the government found it was “not sustainable,” making it the latest around the globe to scrap the plan. The move comes as several American cities flirt with bringing the scheme to the U.S. Ontario’s new conservative government this week said it would end

Joanna Gaines From Fixer Upper Is Dropping a New Design Book Into the World

For four years, fans watched as Joanna Gaines brought homeowners’ interior imaginations come true with her exquisite designs on the HGTV series Fixer Upper, which she starred on along with her husband, home renovation expert Chip Gaines. Long before that, Joanna Gaines helped people fill the spaces of their dreams with the home goods sold